nestled in the heart of Waldo in Kansas City, Missouri 

our story

Photographer: Suzanne Fryer

Photographer: Mike Tsai


Our journey began in the Summer of 2006 when we first met and got a glimpse of our what our world might look like for the rest of our lives. An exchange of business cards and a short midnight walk together set the stage for a lifetime of joy and true partnership. Even though we did not officially start dating until late December 2008, we knew for those 2 years prior that this was going to be something special.

While dating, an offer for a job came in to move to El Paso, Tx. That sent things in motion for a wedding planned in less than two weeks. What a beautiful wedding it was; small and intimate with only 85 guests in attendance, but the perfect fit for us!

We moved to El Paso, Tx. and began our life together. We routinely worked on our dream of entrepreneurship and having our own business. With backgrounds in both wedding consulting and hospitality, we meshed our dreams into reality. When we moved back to Kansas City, our hearts were in the right place to bring 75th Street Events to life and start serving the Waldo community and our clients for weddings, receptions, birthday celebrations and more!

Our desire to get to know our clients and their guests is first and foremost and we “live” our slogan, “Welcome to Your New Beginning.” We want to be there for you and provide the ultimate guest experience possible. Giving that big wedding feel, with all the amenities and perks, in a smaller, more intimate setting.

Share your dream with us and make your special day the most memorable day ever here at 75th Street Events!

Nothing but Love,

Laura and Howard Turley

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